From post and ghost to a social superhero in 8 weeks.

What's the difference between someone with a social media strategy and someone without? 

The biggest benefit of having a social media strategy is that everything you're doing is deliberate and on purpose. You're posting for a reason not ad-hoc, you're communicating a message with a clear call to action because you want people to take action rather than just posting to get a post up. You're building an engaged, loyal following rather than just posting for follower numbers and using insights you're really tapping into what your clients want and understanding how to best communicate with them rather than posting 20 product photos back to back with no variety.

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Can you relate to any of the below?

  • Not knowing what to post or when?
  • Posting the same type of content repeatedly without any result?
  • Having an empty social media inbox with few notifications?
  • Watching your follower count daily just hoping for a miracle?
  • No real interaction on your socials?

If this is you then you know that you need a Social Media strategy and that's where I come in.

I will help you navigate through the social media jungle.

This course is for you if...

  • You are ready to take control of your socials, generate leads and get time back in your day?
  • You want to provide value to your audience and learn the different content pillars.
  • Are willing to learn the type of content your audience wants to see from you?
  • Ever dreamed of creating scroll-stopping, engaging, and high reaching content
  • You want your DM’s lighting up with notifications?
  • You want to enjoy social media and have it not feel like a chore or a time waster that leads to a rabbit hole.
  • You genuinely want to build connections with your audience through implementing an engagement strategy. 
  • You're ready to get a clearer understanding of who your audience is so you can tailor messages that connect, attract, and convert?
  • You want to have some time for you, and feel less stressed and overwhelmed with social media?
Yes, Yes, Yes to the above. I want to join.

Hey friend, I'm Bri. 

Hey, I’m Briana – ex teacher, corporate marketer & now living my best life helping business owners dominate their socials. I love the social media problems you hate. I’ve been educating business owners on how to use social media for longer than Trump was in presidency, to be precise it’s been over 5 years now. I have been a small business owner watching the bank account and watching my emails for messages that someone has bought something I’m selling so I’m in the perfect position to understand your journey. I’ve had some incredible results with businesses and have worked with a variety of industries transforming their socials and educating them on the power of social media. I’ve been a speaker at a variety of conferences and for a variety of Chamber of Commerce associations. Trust me when I say you’re in capable, experienced and skilled hands.

​I can survive without coffee, but not social media (so you're in the right hands). I'm not a VA, I have a Marketing Degree behind me that focuses on communication and that's where I bring my strategy into it. 

What is the Social Strategy Superhero course?

​I'm super excited to present to you my 8 week Social Strategy Superhero course. In these 8 weeks, you're going to have the time of your life. You'll laugh, probably cry (with relief at how amazing my ideas and tips are), and definitely earn yourself a bottle of champagne or a strong cocktail at the end of it.

This 8-week course was created for business owners or marketing people within an organisation who spend endless hours a day on social media feeling like they are working so hard and simply not getting the results they want.

I want to help you not just overcome the social media mountain but CONQUER it.  

Introducing the Social Strategy Superhero

  • Access to 8 weeks of modules
  • Access to private facebook group 
  • Weekly group Q+A and accountability sessions 
  • Access to me as your social media coach
  • Worksheets 
  • Business operational templates
  • Me as your cheerleader 
  • Social media advice focused on your business.

Module topics include: The role of Social Media, Social Media mindset, Audience, Offering, Content, Engagement Strategy, Hashtags and Insights. 

After completing the Social Strategy Superhero you'll be able to

  • Attract, engage and convert the right clients for your business.
  • Understand the purpose of your social media messaging.
  • Gain confidence in showing up authentically on social media.
  • Utilise the toolbox of social media tools to help you transform your stories and posts.
  • Create a dynamic, researched and specific hashtag set relevant to your audience and your business offering.
  • Understand your social media analytics and insights to transform your future content.
  • Use your social superpowers to create a quality, engaged social community.
  • Create and schedule loveable, engage-worthy, relatable content that your audience will love.
  • Take that well deserved lunch break, have that café bought cappuccino, or watch that amazing season on Netflix with the time I’m going to be giving you back in your day.

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I want in!

Hear what others have had to say

​"Honestly, I'm so glad I found Bri! My Instagram world has changed dramatically because of her. Thank you! πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’— ." Christie Bavage, Dented Diva​

"I just completed it and learnt so much and now feel heaps more confident πŸ™ŒπŸ» Thanks Bri!" Elisia, Natural Mum​

"Every time I do one of your sessions I always come away with some gems and a renewed energy and desire to do better at social media" Liza Allen, Dunmore Lang College β€‹

What's the investment?

Social Strategy Superhero x8 payments of $124 incl. GST

βœ” Access to 8 weeks of modules
βœ” Access to FB Group
βœ” Zoom coaching weekly
βœ” Live access to me as your S/M coach
βœ” Learn from your FB community
βœ” Reels Cover templates





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Social Strategy Superhero one-time payment of

$799 incl. GST

βœ” Access to 8 weeks of modules
βœ” Access to FB Group
βœ” Zoom coaching weekly
βœ” Live access to me as your S/M coach
βœ” Learn from your FB community
βœ” Reels Cover templates




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Social Strategy Superhero one-time payment of

$1299 incl. GST

βœ” Access to 8 weeks of modules
βœ” Access to FB Group
βœ” Zoom coaching weekly
βœ” Live access to me as your S/M coach
βœ” Learn from your FB community
βœ” 2x 1hr VIP sessions

βœ” Post with purpose tracker
βœ” Reels Cover templates
βœ” 90 day story prompts

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You've got questions, I've got answers. 

Isn't it time you made a change to your socials?  

Bri, I'm ready to make a change!