Helping Businesses conquer the social media jungle.

Hello! My name is Briana Graydon, my friends call me Bri (I’m sure we will get there don’t worry). I am the founder of Pink Cow Social, a social media business that focuses on empowering and educating you on your social media with the goal of achieving leads and sales. I'm a cat loving, cosmopolitan drinking, passionate Sydney Swans AFL supporter who loves her family. There you go, me in a nutshell! ​

Now, don’t judge me but I LOVE social media (I can see the eye roll now). There’s just something about how great the world of social media can be for building relationships, learning, connecting and it’s as Jasmine and Aladdin said ‘ A Whole New World’. Hashtags excite me, the algorithms challenge me, and creating memorable content gives me the same excitement that I experience when I have a cosmopolitan... I said don’t judge. I’m driven by achieving great results for my clients, and seeing their engagement, impressions and community increase. 

​I'm going to give you something for free. The answer to this question.... What makes me different to you, or anyone else who can post on social media? Where do I start 😊 

  • I love researching that hashtag group that’s going to get you discovered and help you build relationships.

  • I’ve got a Bachelor of Business majoring in Marketing meaning I can sprinkle strategy throughout your socials.

  • I love talking and socialising which means that I’m great at engagement on your social media feeds.

  • I get results (see client testimonials – link to testimonials here) 

  • I have fun with social media, and that in itself can be contagious and something that you want from your Social Media Manager.

  • I am client focused, and results driven and provide you with a wonderful report monthly to show you what’s been achieved.