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When you think of the words Social Media. How does it actually make you feel? Scared? Frustrated? Angry? Anxious?  I totally hear you!

As a mum of two and a business owner I know that it can feel like an eternity for you to find the time to sit down uninterrupted and have the headspace to write captions, look at your social strategy, edit photos etc. Often you'll probably edit posts whilst in the school pick up line, or play in Canva whilst watching the Wiggles. We've all been there. 😁

I want to help you maximise your time and reduce ad hoc posting, endless scrolling, ineffective hashtag usage and give you more time to spend with family and in your business. You deserve it.

It's time your posts actually connect with your audience. 

✅ It's time you nurture your audience effectively.

✅ It's time you generate leads and spread awareness about your products / services. 

✅ It's time your hashtags accurately sort and group your content.

✅ It's time you spent less time fluffing and more time engaging. 

The Social Media Success Society is all about helping YOU be the best you can be on social media. 

Are you?

❌ Feeling overwhelmed when it comes to planning content.
❌ Unsure how to improve your social media presence?
❌ Confused with how to use hashtags?
❌ Unclear on how to generate leads on social media?
❌ Frustrated that you're putting time and effort into your social media with little to no return?
❌ A business owner juggling other important tasks?

If you answered "YES" to any of this then we need to make a change!

Imagine this...

💲 Planning your content with ease WEEKS in advance.
💲 Having content trends and tips delivered and explained to you in an easy to understand way.
💲 Lead opportunities coming through social media.
💲 Being in control and proactive with your socials rather than reactive.
💲 Not being a slave to your phone because you've set your socials up for success.

Let me tell you a little bit more about the Stress Free Socials Society

I teach you:

🐮 How to understand your insights to determine what's working and what's not saving you time.
🐮 How to plan your content using content pillars to provide variety and value to your audience.
🐮 What's working and what's not in Social Media.
🐮 About creating content that engages and converts.

By joining my membership I can guarantee you that you will

✅ Actually have spare time for your family and the things you need to do in business.

✅ Feel friggen amazing knowing you've got your Social Media Shit sorted.

✅ Be able to nurture your audience and be proactive rather than being a slave to your phone

✅ Have the skills you need to make better content that resonates with your audience.

✅ Understand the top social media tools to help you save time. 

✅ Feel so organised when it comes to social media content planning

✅ Have a social media scheduler that you will be in love with.

Ready to sip on some chilled cosmopolitans while we tackle your social media challenges head-on? 🍸📲

I'm here, armed with solutions and ready to be your go-to problem solver, brainstorming partner, and your biggest cheerleader in the world of social media.

 Together, we'll make sure you have the spare time you deserve, feel confident and friggen amazing about your social media presence, and have the skills and tools to nurture your audience like a true pro.

Say goodbye to spending hours of lost time trying to Youtube or read how to create Instagram Reels or how to add highlight covers. The Social Success Society has you covered. What if I told you that I could be your virtual cheerleader and social media fairy godmother?? Want me to keep talking.. 

Each month you’ll have access to: 
  • Pre-made social media templates (insights tracker, how to write a caption, story prompts, content suggestions, how to optimise your IG bio etc). (Value: $199)
  • Video training at your fingertips (how to create highlight covers, how to set up frequently asked questions, how to create a reel, how to use IG and FB etc) (Value: $99)
  • 1 x month group content planning session (Value: $250)
  • Private FB group to ask questions (Value: $99)
  • 1 x live zoom call delving into a particular topic voted by the group (Value: $250)
  • Updated access and information on Social Media Trends and changes. (Value: $100)

Valued at $997 but you're only going to get it for $49/month

Join Now for $49/month!

What people are saying...


"Briana was very helpful and encouraged questions and took time to answer them so that newbies like me understood the content. I would recommend anyone looking to run ads on these channels do this training."

Catherine Elliott

"I have attended 3 of Briana Graydon's courses on social media and SEO for business. Briana is extremely knowledgeable and fluent in all things social media! If you feel anything like me - a "technological desert" - Briana will have you doubting yourself less and embracing the wonderful tool of social media for your business! She is extremely patient and encouraging and answers a myriad of questions with competence, always with a great sense of humour. I would definitely recommend Briana from Pink Cow Social, she is meticulous in her work and subject and is a delight!."


"Thanks for the class Bri! I learnt so much and have already started to improve my Instagram page - so I feel empowered and you have definitely convinced me of its value for my business."

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Let me answer any of those burning questions:

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