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 What's the difference between someone with a social media strategy and someone without?

The biggest benefit of having a social media strategy is that everything you're doing is deliberate and on purpose. You're posting for a reason not ad-hoc, you're communicating a message with a clear call to action because you want people to take action rather than just posting to get a post up. You're building an engaged, loyal following rather than just posting for follower numbers and using insights you're really tapping into what your clients want and understanding how to best communicate with them rather than posting 20 product photos back to back with no variety.

Can you relate to?
  • Not knowing what to post or when?
  • Posting the same type of content repeatedly without any result?
  • Having an empty social media inbox with few notifications?
  • Watching your follower count daily just hoping for a miracle?
  • No real interaction on your socials?

If this is you then you know that you need a Social Media strategy and that's where I come in.

I will help you navigate through the social media jungle.

I’ve been where you are...trying to figure out the whole hashtag thing, what time post to increase my reach, wondering how to measure the success of a post. Don’t even get me started on engagement and figuring out what my audience wants to see from me. I’ve spent endless hours on my socials and you know what I’ve loved every minute of it. Not many people can say that, and that’s where I come in.‚Äč

Is this the course for you?

This course is for business owners who are battling their social media demons. They love the platforms, can see potential, and want to learn more. They can't afford to outsource or struggle to relinquish control in letting someone else do their socials. They are keen to learn more about how to effectively run their social media. It's for people who aren't feeling confident that they are attracting the right audience, they aren't confidently showing up on socials sharing their offers and messages and they know that their audience is there, they just don't know how to effectively communicate on social media.

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