From post and ghost to a social superhero in 8 weeks.

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I’ve been where you are...trying to figure out the whole hashtag thing, what time post to increase my reach, wondering how to measure the success of a post. Don’t even get me started on engagement and figuring out what my audience wants to see from me. I’ve spent endless hours on my socials and you know what I’ve loved every minute of it. Not many people can say that, and that’s where I come in.

Is this the course for you?

This course is for business owners who are battling their social media demons. They love the platforms, can see potential, and want to learn more. They can't afford to outsource or struggle to relinquish control in letting someone else do their socials. They are keen to learn more about how to effectively run their social media. It's for people who aren't feeling confident that they are attracting the right audience, they aren't confidently showing up on socials sharing their offers and messages and they know that their audience is there, they just don't know how to effectively communicate on social media.

Are you take control of your socials, generate leads and get time back in your day?
• Are you ready to learn the type of content your audience wants to see from you?
• Do you want to create scroll-stopping, engaging, and high reaching content?
• Do you want your DM’s lighting up with notifications?
• Wouldn’t it feel great if social media wasn’t a chore but a thrill?
• Are you ready to get a clearer understanding of who your audience is so you can tailor messages that connect, attract, and convert?
• Want to have some time for you, and feel less stressed and overwhelmed with social media?
• How does receiving comments on your post make you feel? Lit up and excited?

How much time does social media occupy in your day? Whether it be content creating, finding hashtags, adding a filter, finding that perfect image, or trying to work out how to keep that beautifully aesthetic feed. That's just half of it. What about looking at your audience, messaging, offers, and engagement? That's what I'm talking about. It's like you need dedicated days for just social media am I right? Sometimes it's like you don't know where to start? I want to help you not just overcome the social media mountain but CONQUER it.

I'm super excited to present to you my 8 week Social Media Strategy Superhero course. In these 8 weeks, you're going to have the time of your life. You'll laugh, probably cry (with relief at how amazing my ideas and tips are), and definitely earn yourself a bottle of champagne or a strong cocktail at the end of it.


Why me?

Hey, I’m Briana – ex teacher, corporate marketer & now living my best life helping business owners dominate their socials. I love the social media problems you hate. I’ve been educating business owners on how to use social media for longer than Trump was in presidency, to be precise it’s been over 5 years now. I have been a small business owner watching the bank account and watching my emails for messages that someone has bought something I’m selling so I’m in the perfect position to understand your journey. I’ve had some incredible results with businesses and have worked with a variety of industries transforming their socials and educating them on the power of social media. I’ve been a speaker at a variety of conferences and for a variety of Chamber of Commerce associations. Trust me when I say you’re in capable, experienced and skilled hands.

I can survive without coffee, but not social media (so you're in the right hands). I'm not a VA, I have a Marketing Degree behind me that focuses on communication and that's where I bring my strategy into it. I don't play on the platforms for fun (I have a crapload of fun on the platforms though) I actually know how to help your business make an impact on its customers. 

You ready for a fun journey?

After completing Strategy Superhero, you will be able to:
• Attract, engage and convert the right clients for your business.
• Understand the purpose of your social media messaging.
• Gain confidence in showing up authentically on social media.
• Utilise the toolbox of social media tools to help you transform your stories and posts.
• Be able to create a dynamic, researched and specific hashtag set relevant to your audience and your business offering.
• Understand your social media analytics and insights to transform your future content.
• Use your social superpowers to create a quality, engaged social community.
• Create and schedule loveable, engage-worthy, relatable content that your audience will love.
• Take that well deserved lunchbreak, have that café bought cappuccino or watch that amazing season on Netflix with the time I’m going to be giving you back in your day.


1 - The Role of Social Media. Understanding the role Social Media plays in your business from a lead generating, community building and brand awareness perspective.

2 - Social Mindset. Focus on shifting your mindset to help with social media prioritisation and reducing the burden and overwhelm of posting, engaging and creating content.

3 - Audience. Taking a deep dive into providing you with clarity as to who your audience is, what they want and how you can solve their problem with your product or service.

4 - Offerings. Learning how to effectively communicate your offerings to your audience through engaging copy and other methods available on the platform.

5 - Content. Focusing on simple yet effective methods to find content, schedule content, batch content and create the content that your audience is craving to see from you to get your business results.

6 - Engagement Strategy. Learning the skills of how to effectively engage with your audience in a timely and productive manner.

7 - Hashtags. Finding, using and analysing hashtags that are going to see your reach and impression numbers soaring whilst also getting your ideal audience seeing your content.

8 - Insights. Taking the time to understand what your key metrics are for growth of your business and how the analytics can tell you a story about your content.

How will you feel when you finish?

  • You will feel so bloody happy you said yes to this course. You will have a clearer idea of how to engage with your audience (the people that truly need you and resonate with you), understand hashtags, and how to research/track them.

  • You will also learn quick, fun, and effective engagement tips to help you grow an authentic audience.

  • Don't even get me started on how much more time you'll have in your day to share Married at First Sight memes, or even just tick off items in your to-do list.

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Strategy Superhero Module icons.png
Strategy Superhero Module icons.png
Strategy Superhero Module icons.png
Strategy Superhero Module icons.png
Strategy Superhero Module icons.png
Strategy Superhero Module icons.png
Strategy Superhero Module icons.png

It's time to make a change to your socials.

There are limited spots available so that I can give you the greatest amount of gold nuggets possible. 

Superhero Student

  • Access to 8 weeks of modules

  • Access to FB Group

  • Zoom coaching weekly

  • Live access to me as your S/M coach

  • Learn from your FB community



  •  Reels Cover templates






  • Access to 8 weeks of modules

  • Access to FB Group

  • Zoom coaching weekly

  • Live access to me as your S/M coach

  • Learn from your FB community

  • 2x 1hr VIP sessions

  • 1 week of VOXER coaching


  •  Post with purpose tracker

  •  Reels Cover templates

  •  90 day story prompts

  •  Social Media Audit (one platform)


Got questions you need answered...

Do I have time to implement what I’ve learned?

ABSOLUTELY! You get a week before the next module is released. If you then have q’s or are stuck you can put them in the FB group.

Is it just all talk and watching and no interactivity? Will I get bored?

You clearly haven’t met me :) I'm far from boring and neither is what I'm talking about so get ready for a fun 8 weeks. Not only are the lessons interactive, but you have worksheets to complete as well.

What times and days the zoom classes run?

For those taking part, there will be a poll in the FB Group and the day and time with the majority will be chosen. There will be a replay in the FB group.

I'm someone who needs accountability. Will you keep me accountable?

No worries. Obviously, the worksheets and the zoom calls require accountability. The one thing I can guarantee you is that I'll be your biggest cheerleader providing support and encouragement along the way.

I would rather go at my own pace and then also have access to the FB Group

You can absolutely go at your own pace. There will be an agreed time for the Zoom calls so if you can make them that's great. They will take an hour each week but if you can't the FB group will be a great resource for you. You have access to the course for up to a year.

I've got kids, am pregnant or this business is my side hustle so it's hard to commit.

No worries. I'm a new mum so understand that life can get pretty crazy. Whilst it's important to have some time for you & your business I understand timing can be tough. The course can be self-paced with access to zoom calls + FB Group.

Why can’t I just Google the answers? How are you different from other courses?

Oh, I love this question. As you know these days you can Google anything but what I’m going to give you which Google can't is giving you the chance to work side by side with a qualified marketing expert & have questions related to your business answered strategically not with a one size fits all approach. How am I different to any other social media coach or how is my course different? Well, you can see from the price of my course I'm targeting business owners and start-ups so I'm focused on what I'm delivering rather than overcharging. I genuinely understand the difficulties and rollercoaster emotions associated with running a small business so therefore am the perfect person to walk you through how to make changes to your social strategy. I also am passionate, enthusiastic, and extremely knowledgeable about what I'm teaching. You won't find a more caring and compassionate social media coach who genuinely cares and wants to see your business succeed.

I'm not interested in all of the platforms of social media so will parts be irrelevant to me?

I totally get it and you don't have to. This course focuses on ‘strategy’ which is relevant across all platforms.

How many hours per week will I need to give up?

Give up is a strong phrase. I like to use the word allocate or invest. The zoom calls are 1 hour each week, and you should be able to get through the worksheets in no more than 1 hour dependent upon your commitment level :)

Why 8 weeks? It seems long?

How practical would it be to ask you to commit a whole day to a course & complete the worksheets? I wanted the course to be 8 weeks because of the 8 modules I cover which are relevant to social media. I understand being a business owner and the juggle of work and life can be hard which is why I want to give you time to absorb the content, complete the worksheet, and actually action and implement your learnings.

Previous course testimonials

"Thanks for the class Bri! I learned so much and have already started to improve my Instagram page - so I feel empowered and you have definitely convinced me of its value for my business." Elisabeth

"I found this course and the trainer excellent - a lot more information than I expected. I would be happy to recommend it to all my friends." Val

"Thank you so much for all your tips & tricks! I learned soooo much! I've always seen everyone else posting stories & were so envious! Now I can do it too!" Kate

"Briana was very helpful and encouraged questions and took time to answer them so that newbies like me understood the content. I would recommend anyone looking to run ads on these channels do this training." Carolyn


Do you want RESULTS similar to the images below?

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Where do I sign up?

The time is now.  Your objections have been answered and it's time to push those limiting beliefs away. The time to help you become less stressed about social media is NOW!!