Why follow hashtags on LinkedIn?

Ever wondered the benefits of following hashtags on LinkedIn? I get it don't worry, people are still asking what the benefits of hashtags are? That's a whole different story. You at least a need a cuppa for that conversation. Let me tell you the benefits of following hashtags especially on LinkedIn.

1. Research and Professional Development - If you're following specific content e.g. #socialmediawritingtips you then can further your knowledge and grow your experience by reading information relevant to your job.

2. Helps you to search for content - sometimes finding content in the world of social media can be like trying to obtain toilet paper in the country of Australia during COVID - 19. To save you time, by following hashtags it enables you to see content that you're interested in, relevant and delivered to you without having to search for it. It works similarly to Instagram where if you follow a hashtag it appears in your feed without you having to go looking for it.

3. Chance to increase leads - by following hashtags you can often find comments, questions or information from like minded people, or people who are asking questions related to your industry. Answering these questions and building relationships can be useful to help you grow your leads and database.

4. Increase brand awareness - There's not one business out there that doesn't want to increase their brand awareness. By following hashtags on LinkedIn and regularly commenting and engaging you are exposing people to your name and/or business name. It's a free way of advertising.

5. Shows you're an authority / leader in your field - As mentioned briefly above if you're following hashtags for me it's the equivalent of being active in groups. You share your knowledge and build connections and relationships with people. If people are asking questions, you answer them.

Source: Linkedinhelper.com

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