What to do on socials when you feel you don't have much to say.

In the perfect world, our brains are buzzing with exciting, innovative content to share with our followers and we just click our fingers and it voila there's some content.

Unfortunately in reality this doesn't always work and people often develop a sense of anxiety that they aren't actively posting on their feed. I'm here to tell you that you know what, the sun will still rise, the world will go on and I'm a Celebrity will still certainly be on air.

If you're feeling like you're in a creative rut, here are some tips to help you still remain active on social media.

1. Go to the explore page and engage there. You will find some information or imagery that might even spark content ideas.

2. Watch other people's story and comment. This way you're engaging, and people know you're still around. It can be a quick reply in the form of an emoji or it can be a more detailed response.

3. Send some DM's. Haven't spoken to your virtual BFF lately or have some potential clients on the radar - why not send them a meaningful DM.

4. Be active yourself on stories. Remember be authentic, tell people you're struggling with creativity at the moment or tell them how you really feel. You can even ask them for content suggestions as well which is always useful. Remember to use some of the great creative options with stories such as the create option, as well as the quiz, questions, music and poll stickers. You will be surprised as to what conversation and creativity this can spark.

5. Engagement Blocks - go to various accounts you follow and actively engage with them.

There are a plethora of ways in which you can still be present without being necessarily creative.

Regardless of the statistics regarding the average time people spend on social media, and how important it is to post a certain number of days per week and at certain times you have to do what's right for you mentally and physically. There are certainly times where we've all felt like we've hit a rut, and let me tell you I've been there done that but I've tried to make sure I'm still commenting, showing up on stories and also engaging because ultimately that's what's important.

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