Strategy = 'eye roll'​

How many of us like getting charged for something that we can’t see? I am guessing not many people would put their hands up. I'm speaking from experience when I say I sometimes sit and think wow some professions charge a fortunate (i'm sure you can think of some here <insert professions>). I obviously don’t haggle with what these professions are charging me as I'm a professional, however doubt does creep into my mind whether or not I have chosen the right person, and whether I should have looked around more for something more suitable financially etc.

I often sit there and think how is the $400.00 I just paid for a small business contract worth it when I could have googled it, or why should I pay someone to post on social platforms for me when I know how to use social media. The key here is experience and strategy. I most definitely could have googled a contract but how would I know if it's right? Do I really have the expertise? Can I actually be bothered to waste my time doing that when it's not an area I'm comfortable with. That's why you outsource to people who have the knowledge and can assist you with your business.

As a Social Media Manager, it can be often hard to show the value of the word strategy. With a great deal of my packages they involve a hashtag strategy and/or a weekly content plan which draws on answers from client questionnaires which links in to the overall strategy relating to the marketing plan. Some people just don't understand the importance of investing in the word strategy. I do understand because I often like going to the shops and paying money for something physical in return, or a service like getting my hair done or something. When you pay for something people love getting something back in return that they can see, and in my profession sometimes implementing a strategy can take some time for results to show. When you tell people that part of their weekly fee includes you coming up with a strategy it's like they automatically put a low monetary value to that task.

What I think is important to remember is that strategy often gets results, and strategy helps a business owner get clarity and understand where they are going.Often there are a great deal of jobs that people have to pay for which involves strategy and those jobs normally have a higher price tag.

I've most definitely found when I've met people or connected with them that they ask me about my packages and what they include, and when I outline the inclusions 'blah blah blah' and then 'hashtag strategy' and/or 'social media strategy' it's like they do a virtual 'eye roll' because they think it's another word to help pay for my vacation to the Maldives (let's make it clear, I have never been to the Maldives but a girl is allowed to dream right?) when in fact it's actually money that I rightfully deserve for the years of studying and/or experience I have.

So in speaking from experience, when people outline a price have a think about it and if you're unsure of what the word strategy means and/or includes ask the question. Let the business owner outline what you could be paying for.

Once you go strategy, you never go back.

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