Sharing content across Facebook and Instagram is a No Deal.

Do you like tea at everytime of the day or do you have times where you prefer coffee? I bet you're thinking what a weird analogy but really it's setting the scene nicely.

Social Media platforms have different audiences, different purposes and therefore content shouldn't be shared across the same platforms. Do you go to Instagram for the same reason that you got to Facebook? Studies have shown that people go to Instagram for uplifting, motivating posts whereas Facebook provides more opinion and text based information.

The biggest thing for me is that it does look lazy. I know people are time poor, I get it but sharing the same content looks as though you don't have the time or energy to create content to share with your audience and some could perceive that as a lack of interest. If you have content that's great, share it on the one platform, and re-purpose it somewhere else in a different way. For instance let's say you have a New Years Eve message that you want to share on Instagram. Perfect, share it. Then for Facebook you can customise it maybe change the wording, change the picture and then reduce some of the hashtags. It is still taking less time than creating a whole new post but you are changing the message for a different platform and your users will appreciate that.

A recent article I read used the analogy 'same song, different note'. You can share a similar message but change it up a bit.

Have you also noticed that there are features which aren't consistent across both platforms. For instance, in Instagram you can tag accounts in text and photos but that doesn't carry across effectively to Facebook. Also, how many times in your Instagram do you write Link in Bio because you have a wonderful tool like Linktree? If you share that on Facebook, it's not going to be an option for Facebook users to access the link in the bio. You can see here that no doubt some of your users would be frustrated with this.

Also, as we know on Instagram in the captions the links aren't clickable (when will this change?) but on Facebook they are so again some discrepancies between platforms that indicate that cross sharing content isn't effective. There's also speculation that Facebook doesn't like as many hashtags as Instagram, so if people see a great deal of hashtags on Facebook they could easily switch off or become disinterested with your content.

Also, whilst your audiences might be different from Facebook to Instagram, there also might be some double ups meaning people have liked your Facebook and Instagram because they are getting different information. How would they feel if they saw the same message twice in the same day?

Agora Pulse recently tested this theory using a variety of media and you will see an example of their results below for one of their tests.

Whilst you're probably reading this thinking that it's creating a whole lot of work for you, it's about having a clear, clever, content strategy that allows you to effectively batch your content.

So how are you going to change your strategy so that you're not cross sharing information?

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