How much emphasis are you placing on Customer Service on your socials?

For those that know I recently spoke at a Digital Marketing Conference in Sydney talking about putting the social back in social media. I mentioned about customer expectations, and how consumers were using social media with the expectation that brands/companies would get back to them within a certain period of time.

In a recent study by Boston Digital, the following findings appeared throughout the report.

Q1: The most common reason a brand is followed on social media is for

1) Promotions

2) Exclusive deals

3) Informational content

Your Instagram and Facebook feed needs to have a combination of content for your followers. It can't all be product shots, selfies and plain colour tiles. Your feeds should include humour, inspiration and industry knowledge and tips to help your audience. Social Media has the ability to position you as a leader in your field, so ensure that the information is useful, relevant and timely. The idea that promotions and exclusive deals ranked so highly means that people would like an incentive for following you on social media. Whether you give them first access to a new product, or even provide them with a code word.

Q2: Why would you contact a brand on social media? As you might be able to imagine, questions about the product/service and problem with product/service were the top ranking. This is because people are using social media as a customer service tool so businesses need to think about how they are going to manage their social media and ensure a quick response for their customer to provide a positive customer journey. As Social Media is so easy to comment and access the customers are requesting nearly 24/7 access in order to get a response. This is why bots are now becoming prominent so that the customer can at least feel acknowledged.

Q3. As a consumer, when you are using social media to give feedback to a company. How important is it for you to get a response? This aligns perfectly with my recent talk at WordCamp Sydney about how you wouldn't ignore someone in your physical shop, so don't ignore someone in your online world either. No surprises here, that Very Important and Important ranked first and second. In one of their other questions which looked at why people unfollow brands, lack of response to questions or comments was definitely one of them.

What is interesting to also know based on the information below from Sprout Social is people's expectations in terms of response time on social media. When you're thinking about this, put yourself in the shoes and think how long you would want to wait before you got a response from someone from a company you were asking a queston to.

People often undervalue Social Media and the impact it can have on your business. If people don't get direct sales straight away they are turned off, but there is more to Social Media than direct sales. Are you looking after your clients well on social media? Are you nurturing new leads? What is your feed making people think, and do? Are you responding to messages, comments etc and building a positive brand reputation? You will see below the importance of responding on social media. It can be an expensive lesson if you don't.

So, in reflection from reading these points, and looking at the above images how would you rate yourself in terms of customer service on social media?

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