Find out how to determine who your buyer is.

There are so many businesses that say that their target market is everyone, and whilst that ‘s fantastic that your product or service caters to such a large audience it’s not realistic to have everyone as your target market. That is where the ‘buyer persona’ is important.

The element of personalisation is key here. If you know who your client is, you are able to better target the message to your customers.

According to More than half, 63 percent, of consumers expect personalization as a standard of service and believe they are recognized as an individual when sent special offers.

Generally, data says that 90% of companies do or want to do personalisation yet if you look at it, less than 20% are doing it states David Aponovich, senior director of digital experience at Acquia.

What is a buyer persona?

A buyer persona is a breakdown of your target customer. The idea here is to delve deep into specific information about them so that you can personalise your message.

In order to create a buyer persona you need to know who is already buying from you. Your social media insights, are a great place to start. Look at the age, gender, location and other information you can compile to tell you about your buyers.

Look at what your customers pain points are. Is it that they work full time and don’t have time to do the ironing so they outsource it, or they need a cleaner to help keep some stability in their house. What exactly is it that makes your customer need you, and what problems can you solve.

Ensure that when you’re active on social media that you are across what your competitors, and also what your target audience is talking about.

Finding your buyer persona.

Once you’ve done the varied research you might see some similar trends emerging in your findings. Let’s say you find 35 year old women, living in the city, with kids as your target market.

Give your persona a name, and really understand who they are so that you can personally tailor your audience. It’s important you know as much as you can about your buyer persona so if you can delve into other demographics, psychographics etc then that would be useful too.

The whole point of this exercise is to have a person that you can then identify and relate your messaging to. For instance, my buyer persona is a lady called Mary. She is 35, has two kids, is a small business owner who is well educated but lacks the time in her day. She gets mum guilt from not being able to spend necessary time with her kids, and therefore giving her time back in the day is important.

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