Believe it or Bot people are watching your stories.

Are you like me and have noticed a drop in your Instagram stories? It can be deflating right? Especially when you've put effort into producing the story.

Generally we associate this with a bad thing as we question our content and wonder whether we are still interesting to viewers or are providing them with value. But don’t worry there is an explanation.

According to Search Engine Journal " TechCrunch reports the influx of fake views is related to a new tactic where spammy accounts are “watching” stories to appear more real and gain new followers in the process".

Instagram recently said this year they were aware of an influx of fake views on Instagram stories. What generally happens here is people use third-party bot services to watch accounts to increase exposure and this is obviously against Instagram.

What's important.

- Keep checking your analytics. As you’re probably aware you can see whose viewed your stories. Look at the names of the accounts and often you can determine whether the account is spammy or a bot.

- Use Stickers- keep using stickers and emoji slider polls to engage with your audience. This will illustrate to you genuine accounts that are interested in your accounts.

- Keep providing valuable content. How do you know if it's valuable? Ask you audience? Get an insight into what they want to hear about? Keep on top of industry trends so that you can share information as soon as it happens.

How to identify bots and what to do?

- Look at the post to follower ratio. If they haven't posted anything and have thousands of followers that's slightly suspicious right?

- Block the account. All you have to do is go to the account, press the three dots up the top left, and then press block.

- Report the account. To do this, follow the same steps above and instead of pressing block, press report.

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