CSR - the three key letters of a business

Yesterday I went live on Instagram about CSR? Anyone know what these three letters stand for apart from the sugar company? It stands for Corporate Social Responsibility.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is at times a tricky thing to define. It focuses on the activities of a business and how it impacts society and the environment in a positive way.

Corporate Social Responsibility doesn’t have to be donating hundreds of thousands of dollars, or donating endless amount of time you’ll never get back. It could involve volunteering to a local community, supporting a charity, further assisting employees with training, donating of items to a charity, employee volunteer programs, community development, bringing awareness to a community (social media) about a serious issue. There are so many ways that your business can be involved in conducting an activity for the greater good.

The best way to engage in CSR is to obviously look at your marketing objectives and see what activity would best align with your goals. What I mean by this is that you might sponsor a local community rugby team. This is also Corporate Social Responsibility because you're giving away money to support a local sporting team. It's irrelevant as to whether your name appears on the big screen, or whether your business logo is on their shorts. Are you helping out a community - yes. Then that's all that matters.

According to Benojo "87% of customers will purchase a product because a company advocated for an issue they cared about". Another statistic claimed "78% of consumers want companies to address important social justice issues". The conversation is happening around you, but what are you doing about it. Engage in CSR for the right reasons, and be proud of your engagement through sharing it with the community.

At Pink Cow Promotions we engage in CSR through donating our time and hosting a Breast Cancer event each year, we have supported various charities through the provision of a hamper and support SIDS. It is such a small thing for a business to do, but has monumental benefits.

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