Capitalise on your strengths.

I just recently went live on Instagram talking about outsourcing and it's benefits. It's become a bit of an industry buzzword lately, a bit like what kale used to be and often people associate a negative connotation to it being expensive, timely and unnecessary but have a read below to find out the benefits.

1. Cost advantages: You 100% can get a job done at a lower price, and often better quality too. I'm not saying that you can't do an amazing job, but why would you spend time writing that newsletter, or copy when you can be informing people and educating people on your business and it's products/services and obtaining new clients. It's surely a no-thought process just like consuming chocolate.

2. Increased efficiency: Let's say you have a never ending to-do-list that goes on and on, just like the occasional game of Rugby union. Why sacrifice being efficient for your clients, when you can outsource some of the not so amazing things that you have to do. You want that tag of being an efficient business so as Elton John and Kiki Dee said ' don't go breaking anyone's hearts' by letting them down.

3. Focus on your strengths: As much as I love your ability to want to upskill (keep an eye on my blog for an upcoming post on this), it's so important that you recognise that with only 24 hours (15 workable for most people) you might need to focus and acknowledge your strengths and what you need assistance with. If all else fails and you don't have the time to manage your social media, or write that copy then there's no harm at all in outsourcing for the mean time until you get things under control. What I like to say is would you prefer to work on client retention and obtaining new clients, or on writing website copy for yourself. It's not a hard choice.

Here's a few tips when picking your outsourcing company:

1. Outsource to a company close to you or at least in your country so that you can easily skype and work on a similar if not exact time zone. Getting to know their personality and whether they align themselves positively with your brand is super important.

2. When looking for an outsourcing company, make sure they are cost effective and fit within your budget. Remember however not to be too precious on this, because they are saving you time, and indirectly money because you're not actually hiring an employee to do the job so being able to outsource to an individual who you 'vibe with for occasional jobs is pretty cool.

3. Set clear expectations with the outsourcing company. Whether they are managing your social media, writing copy, creating advertisements or doing website design. Be clear with what you want, timelines, design requirements etc. This will be beneficial for you both in the future.

Happy outsourcing lovelies.

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