Hashtag and Hustle.

This blog post is following on from my Instagram Live that happened today at 10.00am AEST talking about all things Hashtags.

I had a good chat with a industry expert about the importance of hashtags to my business. I was only using maybe 6-8 hashtags previously and wasn't getting any real cut through or traction in my industry, so something had to change. Once I spoke to the expert who has become a friend a few weeks ago, she gave me some inspiration to really dig deep and work on this thing called Instagram, as it's not going anywhere anytime soon.

After speaking to her, I did a lot and I mean a lot of research, maybe 4 hours and really who has time for that, however I felt that my business needed the time investment so I did it. The research and strategy implemented were as follows.

1. Using a template I created, I wrote down our service offerings e.g. Marketing, Events, On the Cowch Interview Series etc. I wrote in very broad terms to start out with just to start the brainstorming process.

2. Once I had written down in broad terms, I then wrote subcategories, for instance under Marketing I wrote; Brand and Communications Audit, Social Media Management, Website Creation and copy etc.

3. Once I had all of the categories and subcategories ready, I then did some research on hashtags. This started with just going onto Instagram

- typing #marketing

- Going to the Tags option to see what words there were. I didn't want to always be in a group of posts that were the largest as that kind of defeats the point, as my posts which I worked hard on are likely to not get cut through or get noticed so I picked a variety of tags e.g. #marketingstrategy, #marktingonline, #marketing life which all varying in terms of the number of posts they have had.

4. Once I had found about 10 for each of my categories and subcategories (Marketing, Events, Social Media Management), I then put them into my Instagram scheduling app called Planoly which allows you to save hashtag groups. Honestly, it's a life saver for me! Download it - you won't regret it.

5. After I had put my hashtag groups into Planoly I would then alternate them according to the content I was posting to ensure that we were always present in various hashtag groups, but also so that we were always using relevant hashtags in today's society.

6. The above process worked, but I also wanted to grow this further. I then, using an excel spreadsheet created a document which had all my researched hashtag groups for my various categories in white.

- I went onto Instagram

- Pressed the explore button which is the magnifying glass image,

typed in a hashtag e.g. #marketingstrategy under the Tags option

- Then clicked the Marketing strategy option to see a section of hashtags next to the word related.

I then used some of the related hashtags that were relevant to me and put them in the spreadsheet as a different colour so I knew these weren't my main hashtags but were sub hashtags. Sounds confusing, but I promise you it really worked. I saw great results from this.

7. I then put the sub hashtags in Planoly and now recycle and alternate through them. I capped myself at about 10-12 hashtag groups so that it's not overwhelming. I might use all my hashtags in Marketing Group 1 for a week then alternate, or alternate daily depending upon the content I'm posting.

Please know that it's important that your hashtags match what your business is offering in terms of products and services as you don't want to end up in categories that aren't relevant to you. Also, your hashtags don't replace the need for you to still offer engaging, informative, humorous content. Good relevant hashtags accompany strong content.

I'm not going to lie to you, it does take time. I nearly didn't eat for a night doing this (this is a joke - if you knew me you'd know I love food) as I got so involved but it's worked, and good things absolutely take time.

If you're interested in getting a hold of the templates, jump onto our website and put your email address on the Hashtag & Hustle lightbox to be sent a copy.

Happy Hashtagging x

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