How to show care in a busy world

Normally we show people we care with champagne, flowers, getaways and/or chocolate however in the world of social media it’s a little different and emoticons don’t always do the job!

To show you care in a busy, cluttered world is difficult but following the below suggestions can make a difference to how you feel knowing you've shown care to others. Showing care and being genuine in a world full of different people and personalities also has the potential to see your Instagram followers or Facebook Likes to increase.

Tips to show you care.

1. Respond to your direct messages - whether this be on Facebook or Instagram. Most people these days juggle a variety of jobs, have kids, are studying or have a never ending to do list so when people send you a direct message it's because they want to connect. Responding to these messages is absolutely imperative. Even if it's not a lengthy response, just acknowledging that you've seen the message is important and not just from a common courtesy perspective, but you have a business and it's important to always remember the impact of negative word of mouth. You don't want your brand tarnished because you couldn't take a few seconds out of your day to respond.

2. Respond to comments on your Instagram feed. Similar to above, regardless of the comments always write back to people. You could convert a Instagram follower or Instagram viewer into a potential client. This is just as important as above. Once again, protect your brand and write a small message back.

3. With your clients, go the extra mile and give them a phone call to check in, send a courtesy email or just go onto their Instagram feed or Facebook wall and post a comment that will make them feel fabulous. It's a competitive world, and there are a lot of businesses out there who can do what you do. Remind your clients why they chose you!

4. Making mention occasionally of clients in your stories, Facebook live or Instagram live, or even just tagging them in your Instagram feed or Facebook wall can make a client feel special and valued. We all love that feeling of being remembered - remember how we feel on birthdays when people reach out. Go on and reach out to someone regularly, to say thanks, or just to bring their attention to something.

5. Offer workshops or Instagram/Facebook tips and give something to people that’s free.It doesn't need to be a one hour webinar, it could be an informative blog post, an app recommendation, a suggestion on where to eat or anything that could add value to someone’s life in a short amount of time. The point here isn't to necessarily kill any spare time you have, but something small could make a difference to the lives of others. These small quick tips will be useful and show not only common courtesy, but also provide the opportunity to potentially grow followers and your client base all just by showing people you care. It's amazing!


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