Apps that will change your life or at least transform it.

Here's a list of some apps which I've absolutely fallen in love with, and will hopefully transform your life or business. Let's get started!

Timepage is an amazing calendar app which is different from the others in terms of presentation but it works so well with Apple Watch for those that have one. It allows you to have so much fun with preferences and gives you the option to change the colour, day and layout etc. It's a must download! Canva is like having a graphic designer in your pocket. The free version is great, but obviously the paid version is amazing as it allows you to set you brand colours and establish consistency with your brand. You can create all sorts of templates for Snapchat, Instagram, Website or Facebook or use currently existing ones. You'll find that you spend a few hours on this baby! Resize for Story is a fab app for those who take photos and want to share on their story whilst keeping everything in proportion. Sometimes I'll take photos not even thinking about their purpose and just want to capture the moment i'm in. This app allows you to pick the background whether it be a colour or a blurred background and use you photo to fit that of an Instagram story. It works perfectly for those wanting to share their photos in their story. I'm pretty sure you'll love it. Simple habit is a fantastic meditation and mindfulness app which allows me to show myself some self love and ground myself after a busy day. Whether you're on the train, stressed, walking or trying to sleep there's a mindfulness session for all occasions. Whether you've got 2 minutes or 20 minutes this app has you covered. As a small business owner we all need to find some time for ourselves and trust me, this is a must download! Picniic is a new app the hubby and I are trying. It allows you to coordinate calendars, shopping lists, to do lists, meal plans and heaps more.You can share with each other or other members of the group photos, news and key events. It’s unique and as I mentioned very new for us but we’re having some fun using it. Last Pass is not something I’d normally use as often believe it or not I have my doubts with technology but it’s fantastic for keeping my passwords safe (except for if you forget your master password to get you into your password keeping app - yes don't judge I've done this) It uses face recognition for those with an iPhone X, or a password for other users. It allows you to categorise your passwords into folders that work for you and for me has helped me become more organised. Photofy is a fun app that allows you to play with images and text. It has a great stock photo library and it is an app that helps you create something special and unique. I stumbled across this app and it has become one of my go to apps for being creative. Priority Tasks is a fun to do list app that allows you to manage the importance of your tasks. To start with I was like 'it's all important' but soon realised that realistically not everything I have to do is important and understanding that is the first key. The app categories your tasks into importance and urgency which is useful for those with a never ending to do list! Download it, and have a look - it's both important and urgent that you do this. Planoly is now seriously my life! It helps me plan and schedule my Instagram account whilst also encouraging me to develop and maintain an aesthetically pleasing Instagram grid! I have the work account and have committed to paying a monthly subscription fee but I love it and it’s been an amazing investment for me and my work. The ability to write hashtags and save them for later use has literally saved me so much time. HabitMinder is a fun app that keeps you accountable in achieving your goals. It’s very visual and very easy to use. The app has pre set categories for you to use and save you time! Give it a go if you need that extra bit of encouragement and commitment. PhotoBot is super cute! How cute is the name of the app! It takes automatic photos based on your time preferences (1, 2, 3 seconds). It saves it straight to your camera roll and is just another way to take photos whilst making sure no moment is missed.

Hours Keeper is a great app for managing client work especially if you're juggling multiple clients. You can track the number of minutes or hours you do for each client which is amazing for someone like me who loves being transparent and appreciates the importance of it. It has great options for being able to select different rounding options and even different pricing per hour. It's very clean, and easy to use and has definitely abolished my previously used excel spreadsheet.

Well my lovelies, I hope this has given you a bit of an insight into the apps I love. There will be a part 2 coming very soon, so stay tuned!

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