Approaching sponsors for a charity event.

Each year at Pink Cow Promotions we run a Breast Cancer Charity event raising money for Girls Night in. Obviously we organise this event to make a difference, not for profit or covering our costs therefore paying endless amounts of money for prizes is often out of the question therefore obtaining quality sponsors who will donate their products or services is imperative to save us money that can be spent elsewhere.

What is key when contacting sponsors is building a rapport early on in the hope that not only will they sponsor the event this year but they will sponsor the event in the future, and build a positive relationship with your business and event.

Here are some tips when contacting sponsors.

1. Look at what sponsors you need for your event that will make the event pop. Don’t just approach sponsors for the sake of it.

2. When you make contact with a sponsor, introduce yourself, give them a small background to the event then outline how you would like them to be involved and how it will be beneficial for them as much as you. For instance when we approach sponsors, we let them know that they will be promoted on social media platforms, on our event website, verbally with guests at the event.

3. Lead them to the social media sites or website so they can look at your work and obtain information for themselves about the event. Make sure that your event website or social media platforms portray the right message and show correct information about the event. This is a marketing tool, so don't misuse it.

4. If they are unable to make a decision straight away about sponsoring your event let them know you’ll follow up with an email, and call again in a few weeks. If you say you’re going to do this, make sure you do. Being honest and transparent is key. If they say yes, follow up with an email confirming what they agreed and what you’re going to be providing them. If you contact them significantly far out from your event (3+ months) make sure you follow up again closer to the date.

5. Post event, make sure you follow up with a certificate of appreciation outlining your amount you raised or the success of the event.

Hopefully these tips will assist you when engaging sponsors.

Good luck!

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