Wedding Guide Part 2.

Your day is now approaching, and the countdown is on. It's in sight but there's still so much to do. Don't panic, we've got you covered. Grab a cuppa (or something stronger) and sit down with your fiance and work your way through this.

Here's part 2 of the Pink Cow Promotions Wedding Guide.

9 months - 6 months before the special day.

  • Select flower girl/ring bearer/page boy. This can be something that's done earlier but what's important when planning your wedding is to prioritise items otherwise everything will feel overwhelming. Picking your flower girl whilst important, isn't one of the most crucial tasks so leave it around the 6-9 month mark. Get creative with this, if it's something you want to have some fun with.

  • With your fiance establish what the roles are for your bridal party. Be clear and transparent with this, and once again make this process fun. You don't want to sound like a dictator so when informing your bridal party about their roles express your gratitude and appreciation for the role they will play in your day. If you're unsure about what each role in your bridal party should do visit this helpful site:

  • Accommodation for you and your future hubby for wedding night. In all the planning don't forget to look after your special wedding night and secure some lovely accommodation. If it's a destination wedding you may need to book this earlier. Treat yourselves.. something with a spa bath and room service for champagne and strawberries.

  • Music / DJ/Live band. This was mentioned in the wedding guide part 1. But in case this was pushed further down the list, make sure that you have booked your DJ. Especially if it's a destination wedding, or your wedding occurs in the popular wedding months. If you aren't using a DJ or live band and are using a playlist just create one on Spotify / Apple music.

  • Fittings / Details for bridal party. It's crucial that your communication with your bridal party is transparent and that they know the key dates for fittings, dance practice etc so that they can plan their time as well. It's important that whilst the wedding is your important lifetime event, that you understand that they still have lives and other things they need to do. Providing them with a schedule with key dates and requirements will assist them in knowing what's going on so that they can plan around dress fittings, etc.

  • Brief photographer / videographer. In the previous wedding guide we spoke about a photographer and booking them. Are you having a videographer? When we organised our wedding we did and we haven't looked back since. Whilst it was an expense, it was definitely worth while to capture those memories. Whatever you decide, it's important that you start thinking about photography options or videography options so that your photographer is clear on what moments they are capturing and the locations of them. Don't forget the fun poses you can do as well. Pinterest once again is great inspiration for this so have a look around, create a board and invite your photographer / videographer into the board for them to see your vision.

  • Book your florist. This was also communicated in the previous guide, but if this was another one of the 'i'll do later' tasks then now is your time to do it. Same process as the videographer / photographer. Create a board on Pinterest if you haven't already and share this with your florist.

Some key advice is throughout the process of planning your wedding, be transparent with your bridal party, keep in contact with suppliers etc, regularly update your budget to avoid surprises and ensure communication with guests are accurate and timely if you're having a destination wedding.

Happy planning. x

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