Because I'm APPY

Pharrell Williams wrote a great catchy song called ''Happy' and I’m totally obsessed with it and is really the concept behind the title.

Anyway, I love my apps as often they create less work and help with productivity or at least organisation. In the lead up to the wedding I had emails coming everywhere, what felt like a never ending excel spreadsheet and conversations with people that were getting recorded in a variety of notepads which were always fun to find when I needed them.

Obviously at this time my lack of organisation or at least information overload prompted me to do some research and I found some amazing apps that I’m hoping will help you in the lead up to planning your wedding.

Just a little note to say that I am purely writing this blog as I have used these apps, not because I endorse them. It’s a matter of personal opinion.

Now, in the reality of things a wedding takes time to plan, they say approximately 250 hours - wow! That's a lot of Netflix watching. Don't get overwhelmed, take a deep breath and let the below list of apps help you out.


  • This app is extremely detailed and is fantastic for all of your tasks e.g. determine budget, research florist, book photographer etc.

  • You can keep track of vendor details, make notes and keep payment information.

  • It allows you to keep on track of your payments.

  • The best part is that it allows you to export your wedding data into an excel spreadsheet or PDF which makes life easy.

  • It’s got a cute little countdown that acts as a summary to-do-list.

  • It’s a very useful app which should assist you in clearly running your wedding.


  • This app is extremely cute and embodies the fun elements of planning your wedding. It gets you to put your wedding information in and provides you with a cute wedding countdown.

  • It allows you to share you information with your entire wedding party.

  • A key aspect is that you can back up your data which is helpful as you don't want to lose any information.

  • The guest list feature is quirky and allows you to sort bride and groom guests accordingly and give you a total guest count.

  • The budget feature is fantastic with the ability to put your typical, budget and actual figures in and sort your expenses via categories.

  • Vendor information can be easily inputted.

  • It allows you to track your RSVP’s clearly and then compile a seating chart from there.


  • This app allows you to track budget with what you want to spend, as well as update the information with actual information. What I like about this app is that it once you put the information in on how much you want to spend, it breaks it down into categories e.g. if you put in $35, 000 as your budget, it will give you information on how much should be allocated e.g. 20% for the honeymoon.

  • It has an option for you to put your vendor information in.

  • The ability to track people, RSVP’s, gifts received as well as make a seating plan.

  • You can export the information into a readable email, or CSV attachment. The best part is that you can pick what information you want to export.

Whilst these apps are a great guide, it's also fantastic to have a wedding planner who knows her stuff by your side to help you through the difficult conversations, building rapport with suppliers and being able to manage the information in the app correctly. We'd love the opportunity to work with you on planning your upcoming wedding.

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