Hucks night - are they a thing of the future?

Hucks night... a thing of the future? So, these days with the increasing pressure of technology, work and balancing all the other demands including spending time with your partner it is getting harder by the minute to juggle all these moving parts. Why make the bucks and hens night another separate occasion when you’re away from your love when you could combine them?

Hucks nights are the new thing where you get to combine your celebrations instead of having two separate events! I personally don’t think my husband would have liked to be on my hens, and I, certainly thinking back wouldn’t have liked being on his but the point these days is that you get to celebrate together.. I’m not 100% sold on the idea as to me the engagement party is the joint celebration but I suppose it does have merit as it can potentially save money for you and your guests, and can build up hype before the wedding. According to Huffington Post, an average hens night can cost a guest anywhere between $100.00 - $200.00 and that's just the hens let alone the engagement and wedding presents your guests have to buy you. So in having said all of that, the hucks seems to be a positive in terms of financials anyway..

The real reason we had separate hens and bucks nights was because of the activities (afternoon tea with a lovely topless waiter, with my husband going out camping in the bush) and the idea to spend some time with our nearest girl friends and guy friends.

I saw this concept (hucks night) in a recent television show where the best woman (not best man) organised a hucks party where she had fishing in the morning for all guests which represented the grooms hobby and then a pamper session in the afternoon for all guests which reflected the brides passion! Ultimately it was a success however the guest list was short to accommodate for the activities.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter and if you’re already married why you decided to have a separate hens and bucks, or if you’re not married whether you would consider combining?

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