To unplug or not to unplug.. that is the question

The today show listed an article based on whether the bride and groom should have an unplugged a.k.a technology free wedding. Being a modern, new aged, recent bride we endeavored to do this. In the lead up we did have a few people laugh at the idea, and some say that we couldn’t demand or instruct guests to do things at our wedding. As much as I wanted to have a bridezilla moment and say it’s our wedding we will do what we want it was slightly harder to implement. I however stuck to my guns and instead of actually saying get off your phones or angrily saying don’t bring phones it was a collaborative approach that involved a good emcee, a great celebrant and lots of communication.

From a bride’s perspective I believe that a bride and groom should have the right to post their special day photos before others post. But how do you stop family and friends who have known you for years not getting caught up in emotion and posting a photo that shows how proud they are and how much they love you as opposed to a friend doing it for other reasons. It’s a tricky situation!

Being the organised, attention to detail freak I am I did brief both the celebrant and the emcee up on what I wanted them to say to ensure the tone and delivery was going to be a good one. The below was what I wrote for the celebrant which was slightly elaborated from other examples.

Ladies and gentlemen, prior to wedding take-off, please listen to a few instructions. For those seated and in business class please have your seat backs in the locked and upright position. In the case of extreme heat there is an order of service for cooling and attracting attention. For those with bare feet please immerse your feet in the sand and relax. All bags should be properly stowed and all portable electronic devices should be turned off or in flight mode and stowed.

The pilot has notified us that the bride has arrived and we are ready for take off. Please get ready to enjoy the wedding ceremony.

To the credit of a lot of guests they were great and did say they had photos ready to upload after we had uploaded our first photo, but then you had others that got caught up in the emotion and unfortunately couldn’t resist. As much as technology is an amazing thing, does it take you away from the moment?

I feel for the groom in the article as he should have had clear vision of his stunning bride. It’s a very tricky situation.

Let me know your thoughts.

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