Lock it in.. Surely its first in best dressed?

Ok, so I’m going to throw this one out to all of my lovely friends and/or readers.

I’ve been brought up where whatever is on the calendar is the gospel. What I mean by this is that if there’s an event on for example Sunday 30th regardless of it’s size or scale I will go to it even if I get asked to go to something more significant on that date. Even if I’m not at that original event on the 30th for a long period of time, I’ve still attended and kept my word whilst being respectful to that person who took the effort to invite me and give me ample notice.

These days, we’re all busy, time poor and life can get in the way I certainly know that. I juggle two jobs, president of a sporting club, a marriage, and trying to be a good friend and daughter and sometimes it gets really hard but being proactive I always try and book people in in advance so they can plan their day, week and month.

My nan has always been a big believer in rewarding those people who plan by putting their event on the calendar first meaning that whoever sends her an invite or asks her to an event first is the one she is going to attend. I have since adopted this approach (about 10 years ago if not earlier) and whatever is on my calendar is my priority. I obviously will try and fit everyone in however those that plan and are organised should definitely get priority.

What are your thoughts? Would it frustrate you if you booked in a lunch or a coffee catch up with a friend, and they cancel on you? I’d like to know if I get frustrated with this because it’s rude or because I don’t do it so then I don’t expect others to.. Let me know .x

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