Is there a thing called RSVP etiquette

This particular topic is on RSVP etiquette and is a topic where often I have a bee in my bonnet about. I am a big believer in if someone sends you an invitation whether it be for a birthday party, BBQ catch up, pedicure, wedding or whatever and regardless of whether the invitation is extended via Facebook, SMS, verbal phone call or a written personalised invitation my theory is that if the person has taken the time to request your presence then you should have the decency to respond. I know how cruel I am to say this.

Anyway, I have some great references particularly for my wedding recently where people were given ample months notice, a card that could be torn out of the invitation that had the return address and all they needed to do was tick a box and put a stamp on it and it was still too hard. I had to follow some people up too. Now a wedding is a bit more complicated than a birthday party because decorations need ordering, food needs purchasing and for me there were a lot of items that I was getting personalised. I had to sit back and laugh at the pink image because sending a RSVP back may not seem crucial to the person sending but to the person receiving it is. Would they have been so calm if they weren’t invited?

Anyway, just have a think next time you send an invitation out and you want people to respond to you, make sure you show the same courtesy.

Over and out. X

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