A picture is worth a thousand words

Just for one second, think about how much of your life you spend on Instagram, Facebook, reading magazines or watching TV? I think you’ll be surprised at how much!! These things you’re looking at are mostly images so why should picking your photographer for your wedding day be a decision you take lightly!

When I was picking my photographer and videographer for the day my dad couldn’t understand why I wanted such an extravagant photography and videography package. I personally treasure memories and love being able to capture life’s precious moments. This decision was an easy one for me in that I wanted to capture key moments to treasure for life being photography but I also wanted to capture emotions, the hype and personalities of people on my big day hence me also choosing a videographer. For my wedding being a destination wedding I wasn’t given a lot of options for photographers so I knew I had to establish a good connection straight away to ensure that they knew my requirements.

Very early on I had set up a Pinterest board and shared it with my amazing photographer so that he could see the look I was aspiring for. We exchanged various emails and phone calls to ensure that we were on the same page. I reviewed his work and was impressed so it gave me confidence moving forward. From the initial meeting to the end of my wedding he didn’t let me down. He met my brief and more, nothing was too hard and everything was done with a laugh or a smile.

What I did find that was important was creating a document outlining the images you want to create with clear headings for them to follow e.g. Have a heading called Groom and then have all of the images that you want of just the Groom written underneath it. This helps everyone stay on track and clears up any potential miscommunication. Complete this step for everyone else e.g Bride, Mother of the Bride.

I have been that bride that has a mammoth to do list and thought I would put forward a few points below to help you when picking your photographer.

– Do your research and short list three good photographers. Look at their reviews, their work and make contact with them to set up an introduction meeting.

– Pick one that you click with in terms of personality. They are going to be sharing one of the most important days of your life with you and practically following you around so ensuring that you can have a laugh and be able to express your emotions on your day is so important! Apart from being able to click with them if they have a good personality you’ll find that their photos are more unique and strays away from the clinical wedding style shots.

– Also, make sure you keep your budget in mind.. whilst photos are important they are only one part of your special day so make sure you keep that in perspective when selecting your photographer.

Remember where possible to have fun with the process as the day will come and go before you know it!

Happy planning x

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