Are you super passionate about your product/service but you’re unsure how to use storytelling to sell your product/service in stories? Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook all have access to an interactive dynamite called Stories. Stories helps boost engagement, form relationships and maintain current contact with your audience. They are a MUST for your audience.
In this course, you’ll learn briefly how to use stories, but also a strategy surrounding how to sell your product in stories. So the course whilst fun is all about strategy and positioning your product/service in an engaging way to your audience. Sound like something you’re in need of, or not sure? Well for the price, why not jump on in and try. You’ll definitely have 2 hours worth of fun.

What you’ll get..

  • Recording of the class for you to access.
  • Access to my Facebook group and tools/resources
  • Certificate of completion
  • 3 day VOXER support chat following your course completion.


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COURSE: Sell it in stories

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