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When you think of the words Social Media. How does it make you feel? Scared? Frustrated? Angry? Anxious. I totally hear you! Do you overthink every post, check the post three or four times then press post realising that you haven’t put hashtags in the post? I can only imagine what type of words are flying around in your head. There might even be the thought of throwing the phone across the room with frustration (no judgement at all - I’ve been there). But, I don’t want this to happen to you anymore. I want you to know there are ways to UNCOMPLICATE your social media, and actually make it ENJOYABLE. Yep, you heard that right.. I can help you make it enjoyable.

Isn't it frustrating when?

  • You think you’ve learned all the things on Instagram, Facebook and/or LinkedIn and then things suddenly change! 
  • You realise you can’t keep up with the social media algorithm or really know what the algorithm is and how it impacts your posts. 
  • Your content interactions and engagement is dropping and you’re unsure why?
  • You sit at your desk ready to type a caption but have no idea where to start?
  • You’re not really sure how to do an IG Live or really connect using stories?
  • You don’t understand how people can plan their content in advance when you’re sitting there struggling to remember how to add a location on your posts.

Say goodbye to spending hours of lost time trying to Youtube or read how to create Instagram Reels or how to add highlight covers. The Social Herd lab has you covered. What if I told you that I could be your virtual cheerleader and social media fairy godmother?? Want me to keep talking.. I’m talking Membership baby - ongoing support and guidance with your social media! 

Each month you’ll have access to: 
  • Pre-made social media templates (insights tracker, how to write a caption, story prompts, content suggestions, how to optimise your IG bio etc).
  • Video training at your fingertips (how to create highlight covers, how to set up frequently asked questions, how to create a reel, how to use IG and FB etc)
  • 1 x month group content planning session
  • Private FB group to ask questions 
  • 1 x live zoom call delving into a particular topic voted by the group
  • Updated access and information on Social Media Trends and changes. 

As you may or may not know, I’ve been in the corporate world for some time now, and have had my business for over 10 years. Having been appointed National Marketing Coordinator at a young age I was working on a National scale with huge responsibilities. The difference I bring to you and your business is that I have not only a wealth of experience in Social Media, but I have a Business Degree majoring in Marketing to help compliment my suggestions to you. That’s pretty cool right? It’s like going to Louis Vuitton and getting 2 bags for the price of one! I wish, right? 


I’ve been on the other side where I’ve briefed things into agencies, I’ve been the social media manager who understands the importance of an aesthetically pleasing feed and now I’m wanting to wrap all of my knowledge into a package and supply it to you.

What people who have learned from Bri have said.


"Briana was very helpful and encouraged questions and took time to answer them so that newbies like me understood the content. I would recommend anyone looking to run ads on these channels do this training."

Catherine Elliott

"I have attended 3 of Briana Graydon's courses on social media and SEO for business. Briana is extremely knowledgeable and fluent in all things social media! If you feel anything like me - a "technological desert" - Briana will have you doubting yourself less and embracing the wonderful tool of social media for your business! She is extremely patient and encouraging and answers a myriad of questions with competence, always with a great sense of humour. I would definitely recommend Briana from Pink Cow Social, she is meticulous in her work and subject and is a delight!."."


"Thanks for the class Bri! I learnt so much and have already started to improve my Instagram page - so I feel empowered and you have definitely convinced me of its value for my business."


Let me answer any of those burning questions:

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