Hello! My name is Briana Graydon, my friends call me Bri (I’m sure we will get there don’t worry). I am the founder of Pink Cow Social. I'm a cat loving, cosmo drinking passionate Sydney Swans AFL supporter who loves her family. There you go, me in a nutshell! 

Now, don’t judge me but I LOVE social media. Hashtags excite me, the algorithms challenge me, and creating memorable content gives me the same excitement that I experience when I have a cosmopolitan... I said don’t judge.

I'm going to give you something for free. The answer to this question.... What makes me different to you, or anyone else who can post on social media? Whilst I'm like many who have had social media accounts for ages, it has always been about perfecting that amazing caption, or editing that image. I love what Social Media can do for your business. Anyone can post, but most of my current clients try and post on a whim whether it be on their way to work, or in the car at the car wash with the goal of just ticking a box on their to-do list. It’s not that simple. You have to post with purpose and with a goal of doing something for your business. I post at the right times for your business based on when your audience is online to boost engagement. I use hashtags that are relevant to your business, its services, and your target market with the goal of establishing relationships with your followers. I also engage with your followers and other people on Instagram to boost your engagement rate which is the thing that takes the time that you don't have. 

Sound interesting?  You’ve got nothing to lose. Book in for a complimentary 15-minute chat and let’s get social.

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